ZPJ Love Stories - Tiana & Dan

Getting to work on the rings of Tiana & Dan was a dream! Dan got in touch when he and Tiana were starting to plan their big day and were looking for wedding rings. It was great to be able to meet with them and take a look at Dan’s Nana’s ring he had used to propose to Tiana with. We made a plan to strengthen the heirloom engagement ring at the same time as designing their wedding rings, it was a great way to make sure they all worked together!

Tiana not only gifted our Pearl Sleepers to Dan’s mum and sisters, but also chose to wear the ZPJ Baroque Pearl Hoops on the big day and they couldn't have looked more stunning!

We chatted to Tiana & Dan about their first reactions to their rings and why they're so special to them...

"We had tears in our eyes! The rings were exactly how we envisioned them and Tiana's wedding band was the perfect piece to compliment her beautiful engagement ring that is Dan's family heirloom! Zoë even worked her magic to slightly alter this heirloom but did it with meticulous care to ensure its original state remained pristine."

"Each ring was especially crafted for us making it both unique and sentimental. The fact that Zoë is a family friend too just made it even more special! Such a lovely story to share for years to come."

When asked what the most memorable moments of their wedding were, these two knew the way to our hearts...

"Definitely putting our rings on during our ceremony - this was such a surreal feeling that consolidated that feeling of well and truly tying the knot! Also, moments where we held and kissed each other's hands. There are photos that document our rings and we look at them with absolute adoration."

I loved working with these two; altering the engagement ring, making the custom wedding rings and topping it all off with Tiana's bridal earrings. They said the following about the process and the admiration is mutual! I love getting to work with people to bring their dream pieces to life!

"Coming in and chatting with Zoë! She made us feel so comfortable, understood our brief and executed it perfectly! She is an angel!"

All photos by Jonny Scott Photography.

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