ZPJ Love Stories - PJ & BJ

I went to school with Beej in the Wairarapa, so we had been friends for years when he asked me about making a ring for Polly. I was so excited to help with this one, but with Beej on the farm and me in Welly, we were finding it hard to meet up. One weekend when I was at my parents' place in the Wairarapa, Bj popped in and we sat down with a blob of blu-tac and a bunch of stones and decided on the design for PJ's ring.

It was really fun and so lovely as BJ had some clear ideas; he wanted something a little different and even added some sentimental touches on the inside.

We asked PJ about her first reaction to the engagement ring...

"Incredibly impressed that BJ could come up with anything like that. I had never given any clues on what I would like and Beej and Zoë came up with a masterpiece that was unique and funky."

"I just love the unique shape and colour and that my dad’s initials were engraved on the inside with a gorgeous diamond to match it. Such a beautiful and thoughtful touch!"

Following the proposal. I worked with both BJ and PJ on their wedding rings, BJ went for a 7mm wide Signet Ring in 9ct Gold and for PJ we went for the Single Claw Diamond Wedding band in 18ct yellow gold and platinum. PJ’s engagement ring is a Scissor Cut Sri Lankan Sapphire with bullet diamonds set in platinum on an 18ct yellow gold band.

"It was so personalised and Zoë was incredible at listening to ideas and transforming them into a masterpiece! Zoë is always so fun to hang out with so the experience is a joy from the start."

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