ZPJ Love Stories - Logan & Ben

This bespoke wedding ring has a great story behind it, made to replace Logan's original ring. Logan's initial ring was inspired by her parents’ wedding rings, which are two vines wrapped around each other in an eternal loop.

Unfortunately, this ring was destroyed in a freak accident. While Naruto running down a hallway (if, like us, you have no idea what this means - click here and it will all make sense), a door handle slipped between her ring and finger, destroying the ring but miraculously leaving the finger unharmed.

This brought Logan and her husband Ben to our ZPJ workshop and we loved hearing about their wedding day and what they pictured for her new ring.

"Our wedding was absolutely perfect. My grandpa officiated the ceremony under blue skies on a truly perfect summer day, and the reception was the most joyous party I’ve ever been to! (I’m biased, of course, but years later, my friends still tell me it was their favourite wedding.)" - Logan

On their first visit to the workshop to chat about a custom wedding ring, a pear-shaped ruby stood out as their preferred stone and we had lots of fun figuring out the style of ring that'd be the best fit.

"Initially, I came in to try on a more simple version of the ruby ring, but I realised that I greatly preferred the way that the signet rings sat on my hand. I know signet rings aren’t a traditional choice for wedding rings, but I like the gravity of them. I pitched the idea of setting the ruby droplet on a signet ring, and I was delighted that Zoë was willing to take on the project." - Logan

"One detail of the design process that I really appreciated was when Zoë added more engraved lines to the star setting than I had requested in my design pitch. The resulting setting is more secure and aesthetically balanced as a result of these extra lines, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my new wedding ring!! It’s everything I wanted and more!" - Logan

Logan also has her own local business, Logandria, and I recently treated myself to one of her luxurious silk eye masks! I went for the Watchful Eyes silk eye mask, she also sells a range of illustrated silk scarves and prints.

If a ZPJ piece been a part of your love story we'd love to hear about it! Please get in touch at hello@zoeporter.co.nz xx