ZPJ Love Stories - Megan & Willy

The next ZPJ Love Story that I can't wait to share is Megan & Willys.

I worked with Willy to design and create the perfect engagement ring for his proposal to Megan and then sat down with them both to craft the perfect wedding rings, incorporating sentimental gold and diamonds into Megan's.

"When I saw the ring I loved it immediately!" - Megan

"I loved that Willy worked with Zoë to create something they thought I would love (which I do). My wedding ring is extra special as it has gold from my Mum's engagement ring and diamonds from my Grandma." - Megan

I loved hearing more about Megan & Willy's love story, they even shared that when it came to the proposal, Willy revealed a burger ring in the ZPJ box before finally pulling the real ring out of his pocket, love it!

If a ZPJ piece been a part of your love story we'd love to hear about it! Please get in touch at hello@zoeporter.co.nz xx