Commissions Update

What a fun and busy summer with weddings all around the show! I had so much fun playing ring bearer (TWICE!), once in Melbourne and then again in the far north.

Over the past year I've had the pleasure of working on a range of commissioned wedding rings and unique engagement rings, with sapphires and diamonds playing a key role in most pieces. I mostly work with natural stones but can also work with lab grown diamonds on request.

There have also been commissioned bangles, diamond earrings, a range of bridal jewellery, and many other special pieces in the mix.

With most of this seasons weddings now behind us, I have capacity for more commissions. Please fill out my online form if you are wanting a piece made this year - yes, even if it’s not until the end of the year, get in now!

I also have a range of wedding bands that can be made to order and sent within 4-6 weeks, check those out here.

I can’t wait to see what ideas you have and what I can help bring to life.

Zoë x