ZPJ Love Stories - Char & Nick

I've been wanting to share some of the stories behind the beautiful commissions I've had the pleasure of working on for a while and what better to start with than the rings of Char & Nick.

I went to school with both Char and Nick so when Nick came to me to design an engagement ring I was over the moon. I also attended their wedding and you best believe I caught the bouquet, photo proof at the bottom of the page.

We had a chat with Char about their rings and wedding day...

Tell us about your rings and what makes them special to you:

"My engagement ring is 3 beauty diamonds on a gold band. I love that it’s a timeless classic. The gold in both (Nick’s and mine) wedding bands were melted down from an Italian pendant my grandmother had given me so very special the gold lives on and is worn daily."

What was your reaction when you saw your engagement ring for the first time?

"I was pretty speechless - I couldn’t believe Nick had managed to get something I loved and do it without me knowing anything about it!"

What were some of the most memorable moments from your wedding?

"We got married in Queenstown and it was the most beautiful day, Nick and I have been together for a long time so all of our friends are mutual, we just had so much fun with everyone, I can still remember saying to Nick ‘I can’t believe all these people are here for us’. To top the night off we had KFC and McDonald’s delivered (Nick's fav) before everyone got on the bus."

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